Wendi Fredregill

Wendi Fredregill- Owner & Mindset Coach

I spent 24 years making others feel good on the outside in my career as a hairstylist. During that time I gained insight about people and how to help them through times where they just needed some guidance and support.

In 2017, I felt a strong calling to shift careers and focus on helping others feel good on the inside! As I progressed through my different coaching certifications, I realized I had been coaching all along.  

In 2020, I became Certified in Qnity Tools to add more to my tools to my coaching tool belt. 

I am passionate about mindset coaching because I have transformed my own life though having a coach. The biggest leap forward has been in the relationship I have with myself and I am thrilled to take you on a journey from where you are now and where you dream to go.



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Transformational Coach

Tricia Rivas- Cheerleader & Mentor for Small Business Owners

Being a hairdresser was a dream come true for me.

What I didn’t imagine was all of the opportunities that this amazing career would open for me.

Since 1997 I’ve been listening to and cheering on my guests to have the most amazing lives. What I quickly learned was they were listening to me and taking my advice.

These relationships gave me the courage to become a voice in my community for small businesses and non-profits.

I found myself meeting monthly with new and seasoned small business owners to bounce ideas off of each other, sharing tools and programs, such as Qnity, which have been successful for us at Trixies Salons, laughing and crying about our trials/tribulations, and most importantly, being their biggest cheerleader.