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Videos to Inspire and Motivate Change

How do we reach goals?

How do we create transformation?

One step at a time.

New habits create new behaviors. New behaviors start to change your identity and build confidence.

As a coach, I hold a future vision for my clients. That they are capable and worthy.

And to have fun along the way.

During the quarantine- I started chatting with friends, fellow coaches and people who inspire me.

We talk about food addiction, past struggles, our great history together.

This scene in “Elf” makes me laugh everytime. It always reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

This represents my relationship with gluten and dairy also. For years I experimented and realized my body does not like it, but I would cave and start eating it again, hoping it wouldn’t make me sick…..this time.

In my coaching program, we focus on The Big 5, Relationships, Career, Health, Money and Faith.

I can see how this definition of insanity can apply to all of those areas!

It all starts with habit change. You will focus on learning how your brain works, what your goals are and finding your Big Why.

I am most passionate about helping women transform their relationship with themselves.

I would love to partner with you down a path that moves forward, not going round and round in circles.

Many people spend so much time worrying about what other people think of them. It can become a very unhealthy habit and suck the confidence right out of you.

I felt hesitant to go to the mall to get the shots I needed for this video.

What will people think of me?

The funny thing is that most people didn’t notice or care. The people that did notice, laughed and smiled. I also had some cute conversations with little kids. It was totally worth any embarrassment I was feeling.

One of the major components of my coaching work is helping women to love the skin they’re in. To love themselves, regardless of what other people think.

As a result of me having coaches myself for the last 3 years, I can tell you without a doubt, I would not have had the courage or confidence to do this before.

Embrace who you are, try to find the joy in all that you do. Even on the hard days, especially on the hard days.


There are times in life when you just feel like a cotton headed ninny muggin.

It stinks!

I think these times are a blessing. It shows us how we DON’T want to feel or act. It can motivate you to ask how could I have done that differently or what should I have done instead?

Or maybe you were just trying to be someone you are not- like Buddy the Elf trying to be a toy maker, when he was meant for something bigger!

As I coach, I love to help women work through these cotton headed ninny muggins moments! To see how it can help us, not hinder us.

I believe in you!

Exercise doesn’t need to be boring! Just move your body doing something fun.

Food is fuel! If you are eating the right fuel, you will perform better whether you are exercising or throughout the work day.

In my coaching practice, I discourage diets. You focus on eating REAL food: lean meats and proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

We focus on you loving yourself so you WANT to move your body and give it good nutrition.

This video is about Tricia & I zoom- Pandemic week 2ish

Fear stops us from doing so many things! Buddy didn’t know how to use the escalator, but he kept trying-then eventually got on anyway. It looked funny, but he was doing it!

Instead of worrying so much about how it will look or what other people will think, JUST DO IT! Even if you don’t fully know HOW.

Funny thing about this video….

I still have a fear of escalators from childhood. So when I knew I wanted to re-create this scene- I was sweaty and scared.

What if I get stuck in the splits?

What if I have to crawl off at the top?

But I did it anyway!


Because my desire to create this video was stronger than my fear of looking ridiculous.

My DESIRE was stronger than my FEAR.

I encourage you to make a list of things you have not been going because of fear. Decide what your desire is for wanting to do it; attach a strong, positive desire to WHY it is important to you.

In my coaching program, we talk ALOT about your why, that’s where the juice is!